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Corset Trunkplasty

In 2006 plastic surgeon, Alexander Moya, MD, developed a new surgical approach to better meet the unique needs of weight loss patients. The corset trunkplasty or corset procedure is a revolutionary surgical technique for removal of excess skin and comprehensive contouring of the abdomen and waistline following significant weight loss. The corset procedure can be performed on a wide range of patients with different body types and varied amounts of excess skin. 

The procedure is designed to create an aesthetically-pleasing body shape which offers the effect of wearing a corset, yet can be modified to highlight and contour the waistline differently for women versus men. In women, the corset provides a very desirable hourglass figure; in men, it provides a nicely tapered torso.

Corset Trunkplasty  vs.  Lower Body Lift

Dr. Moya was looking for an alternative approach to the most commonly performed trunk contouring technique, the belt lipectomy or lower body lift. He discovered that many weight loss patients are poor candidates for a lower body lift, due to the large amount of excess skin rolls. It is very important to understand the difference between the two procedures in order to achieve the best body contouring results. 

Although a common body contouring procedure, a belt lipectomy is not designed to address redundant skin along the upper abdomen and lower chest. This excess skin can negatively impact the overall waistline contour and leave women with a shapeless figure. To compare, the corset procedure was developed to address and treat this mid-trunk region and create a long-lasting, feminine hourglass shape.

Click to see patient photos demonstrating the difference between corset trunkplasty and lower body lift.

The Procedure

The corset trunkplasty procedure requires several carefully-placed incisions which interconnect and have the appearance of a sideways capital “H”. The incisions are customized for each patient to ensure removal of as much excess skin as possible. The corset procedure has the added benefit of providing long-term abdominal contour because it not only addresses the overhanging skin along the lower abdomen, but also the often-neglected and loose skin of the upper abdomen. Excess skin can also be removed from the lower chest, lower back and hips, as needed.

Because the corset trunkplasty requires a patient to be positioned only one time in the operating room and does not require a circumferential (circular) incision around the body, the procedure is easier to perform than a lower body lift. For most patients, the surgery will take 4-6 hours. For patients with extensive skin rolls or larger frames, the procedure can take longer.

Many weight loss patients seek the removal of excess skin from several areas of their body so a carefully formulated short or long-term contouring plan is designed to achieve the very best results. And, because the corset procedure will not interfere with future body contouring surgery- such as breast, chest or lower trunk- it provides patients with a strong foundation for additional stages of body contouring success.

The corset trunkplasty usually requires an overnight hospital stay. Most patients experience minimal post-operative pain, resulting in a smooth recovery. Dr. Moya has performed more than 115 procedures in the past five years, with great success. For many patients, the joy of having a normal body shape, looking great and feeling good outweighs concerns about scarring. After the corset procedure, patients are able to enjoy their weight loss success and get back to doing the things they enjoy, without the burden of excess skin.

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